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Our team will design the trademark monitoring task based you’re your requirements and keep a vigilant eye on your mark and protect you from all the potential infringements and conflicting trademarks.

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What Is A Trademark Monitoring?

TTo make sure that your trademark is protected from any infringements, out team keeps an active eye over your trademark, this process is known as Trademark Monitoring. The monitoring process is totally dependent on your requirements and can be done for a specific period of time. Our trademark experts keep you updated about all the market risks and possibilities of potential infringements by keeping a consistent surveillance over your trademark. This helps you prevent any major legal disputes.

Why Is It Vital to Monitor Your Trademark?

Keeping a vigilant eye on your trademark, in the form of trademark monitoring, helps you protect your intellectual property from piracy and copying.

  • Protect your mark form infringement by knowing when to take action.
  • Don’t let any imposters and knock-offs take advantage of your mark.
  • Stay updated about your market competition to always be one step ahead.

Are There Any Different Types of Trademark Monitoring?

There are numerous types of trademark monitoring. Federal Trademark Database Monitoring is the most basic type of trademark monitoring, which performs searches identify the filing of trademarks with USPTO that are similar to your trademark.

The State Trademark Database Monitoring is another type. Although, not all the states have online searchable databases. The International Trademark Database Monitoring is also a type which helps you search for trademark application and registration in different countries worldwide.

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Our team will design the trademark monitoring task based you’re your requirements and keep a vigilant eye on your mark.


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Trademark Monitoring Service FAQs

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While the USPTO will prevent obviously infringing marks from becoming registered, Trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their own trademark rights. In order to enforce your rights, you need to know when others are using of trademarks that are similar to yours. Trademark Monitoring gives the information you need to enforce your trademark rights!

There are many types of trademark monitoring. The most basic type of trademark monitoring, federal trademark database monitoring, searches trademark applications that have been filed with the USPTO, and alerts you when similar trademarks to yours have been filed.

Some monitoring services also search State Trademark Databases. Unfortunately, not all states have online searchable databases, but many do. There is also international trademark database monitoring. These services also search trademark applications and registrations in different countries throughout the world.

Additionally, some monitoring services will also monitor the internet for infringing branding. If you're going to have a trademark, you should, at the very least, monitor the US federal database, but more valuable marks often monitor all over the world!

If you are not monitoring who your trademark, you cannot fully enforce your trademark rights. This can result in others using your trademark terms and diluting the value of your brand. Someone else may even register a trademark very similar to yours, and you may miss the chance to oppose it!

In extreme cases, it can also lead to a brand becoming “generic,” which may limit the extent to which you can enforce your rights in the future.

There are many options ranging from a simple cease and desist letter, to filing an opposition to a registration, to filing a lawsuit in federal court, depending on the circumstances. If you believe someone is infringing upon your trademark rights, consult an attorney for advice!

Trademark monitoring costs vary widely depending which databases are being monitored. Monitoring International, State, and federal registries, in addition to use on the internet can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

US Federal trademark monitoring is a cost effective approach that makes more sense to small and medium size businesses.

We charge a fee of $299 per mark for federal trademark database monitoring.

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