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What Is Trademark Office Action?

If USPTO finds any legal problems with your selected trademark or even with the application, it sends you an official letter about it, this letter is called an Office Action. Before getting your trademark registered, solving all these legal problems in the Office Action is obligatory.

The reasons for the refusal of your registration or any other unfulfilled requirements are included by an examining attorney, in an Office Action letter. The duration to respond to an Office action letter is within 6 months of the issue. Otherwise your application will be abandoned by the USPTO, fee for application will not be refunded and the mark will not be registered.

Different responses are required to different kinds of Office Action letters. Some are comparatively easy to resolve, while others demand complex legal arguments in order to save you from losing your federal trademark protections.

Trademark Office Action Package

Starting at$299

Know before you file. Make sure your mark is not being used.
  • *The Standard Package ($299) - trademark office action with disclaimer issue or other simple issues.

  • *The Elite Package ($399) - trademark office action with description issue or other difficult issues.

  • *The Comprehensive Package ($899) - trademark office action for complicated issues including confusingly similar trademarks or descriptiveness trademarks.

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Office Action are issued by USPTO to more than half of trademark applicants. Applicants might find it a little unsettling but it’s not much to worry about. It would by absolutely unwise to drop your application because of a little hurdle. You will be giving a chance to respond to Office Action either to defend your stance about your application with some strong arguments or you can simply amend the mentioned problems. We will guide your way to settle this out.


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