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Why Is It Essential To Get A Trademark?

Having a trademark gives you a competitive edge by protecting your brand’s identity and helps your services and products to stand out from the crowd. Along with providing an authentic identity for your brand, trademark also gives you various legal rights and comfort. Anything associated with a business or company can be a trademark, whether it’s a company name, products, brands, symbols, logos, slogans, designs, etc. It is mainly used to distinguish your brand from the rest, in term of its services and products. Registering trademark benefits you with the protection of your valuable assets and establish your ownership rights. The successful registration of your trademark to USPTO will help you strengthen your future claims if you take legal action against someone for trademark infraction.

  • Legally own your name with audacity
  • Exclusive rights to use the mark nationwide
  • Provides you Federal protection
  • Easy for customers to find you
  • Adds immediate value to your brand
  • Protects your brand identity on social media
  • Stops others from imitating your brand
  • Strengthens your federal suit against someone for trademark infringement

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Basic Package

Starting at$99 + USPTO filing fees

  • Direct-hit SearchDirect-hit search of the federal USPTO database which will include misspellings for live and pending applications.

  • Federal E-Filing with USPTOElectronic filing of your application with the USPTO with no need to wait for mail or dealing with paper files

  • Electronic DeliveryElectronic delivery or your trademark application.

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Standard Package

Starting at$149 + USPTO filing fees

Includes the everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
  • Cease & Desist Letter ($35 value)A customer-specific form you can further customize if someone is infringing on your mark.

  • Transfer/Assignment ($35 value)Custom assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise convey your mark, you have access to your pre-filled in template that you can further customize.

  • Trademark Monitoring (6 Months - $88 value)Post-filing monitoring to notify you of possible infringers.

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Deluxe Package

Starting at$199 + USPTO filing fees

Includes the everything from the Standard Package PLUS:
  • Trademark Monitoring (1 Year - $175 value)Post-filing monitoring to notify you of possible infringers.

  • 24-hour Expedited ProcessingWe will review, prepare, and file your trademark application within 24 business hours after receiving your order, a $49 value. Normal processing time is 5 business days in our Basic and Standard packages.

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Federal Trademark Registration FAQs

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Generally, a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. It protects the branding under which products and services are sold.

If your trademark is not registered, then someone else can copy it. This immediately puts your business at risk. A registered trademark protects your brand, and provides you with the tools to prevent someone using similar signs to ride off the back of your business. In addition, if your trademark is not protected by registration, then you may find you are legally prevented from expanding your business. With your brand registered, you have rights to take actions against parties who have attempted to register conflicting trademarks, or are operating with conflicting brands and damaging your business.

Trademark Excel has a brilliant group of intellectual property attorneys who can advise you on every stage of the development and life cycle of rights such as patents, copyright, trademarks and database and design – from creation to enforcement. Call us now for more details.

Types of trademarks for products include five main categories: generic mark, descriptive mark, suggestive mark, fanciful, and arbitrary mark.

  1. The strongest type of trademark is a “fanciful” mark, which is a made-up word or phrase.  Famous brands “Xerox” and “Kleenex” are examples of fanciful marks.     

  2. An arbitrary mark, such as “Apple” for a computer brand, is another strong type of trademark that uses a real word or words in an unexpected or unusual way. 

  3. A “suggestive” mark hints at some characteristic of the products or services covered by the trademark. Suggestive marks combine an imaginative element with a descriptive element. Examples of suggestive marks are “Roach Motel” for a cockroach trap, or “Pizza Heaven” for a restaurant.

  4. A “merely descriptive” mark lacks an imaginative element, and is therefore not strong enough to function as a trademark on its own. As an example, “The Meatball Bar” would be considered “merely descriptive” of a gastropub that serves meatballs.   If the government deems your trademark to be “merely descriptive,” you will have to prove you’ve been using it in commerce for more than 5 years, or add a substantial logo design. You will not be able to claim exclusive rights in the descriptive parts of the trademark name; these will have to be “disclaimed.”

A copyright helps secures creative or intellectual creations. Trademarks protect the branding under which products and services are sold.

Copyright law protects any original work of authorship that is fixed in a tangible form. This may include literary works, musical works, dramatic works, pantomimes, and choreographic works, pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, motion pictures and other audiovisual works, sound recordings and architectural works.

A copyright registration is used to place on record a verifiable account of the date and content of the work in question, so that in the event of a legal claim, the owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source.

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